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    Who's drivers


      All of the "Driver software updaters seem to use the exact same so called 'Signed drivers" yet they are a different Ver. Number than those provided by Intel. So who 's are they and if they are Intel's why can we not find them here. I really do not have a clue if I really have the latest drivers. Especially if I am seeing issues pop up.

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          A "Signed Driver" is a driver that has been checked into MS. It is not a test of how well the driver works or even if it has be tested in your hardware configuration.


          The best choice is the driver version POSTed to the indivual products support page since these have been tested on the specific product (even if it is not the most current version that you may find elsewhere).


          If you are the daring type that want to use a newer driver than the version posted to the products page, let us know if you have any troubles as you may be the first to see any new issues.