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    SSD toolbox 2.0


      I am still having the same problem which my pc cannot connect to my SSD.

      I t was happened when I had installed intel SSD toolbox ver1.3.

      My pc can actually see the SSD but cannot do anything on it.

      In motherboard bios, I can't change it to AHCI mode or whatever.

      Could it because of my motherboard chipset or? (my motherboard is nvidia 650i chipset)

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          I am not tring to be funny , but i've read some of your post , and I think it's time to get a new board that has a Intel chipset Nivida chipsets don't play well with SSDs. If you are not ready to go with a I core 7 sys there still plenty of the DX48BT2 775 boards out there New about $220.  reman. $150.  Thats the way I went because I had tooo much 775 stuff around .

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            +1. The nvidia 680i chipset series caused me nothing but grief and I haven't gone back to nvidia since. There are plenty of 775 mobo’s out at good prices.

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              For reference, I have used Crucial's 256gb C300 on an Nvidia 790i Ultra using a pcie x 16 host adapter and got great performance.