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    DX58SO Powers on by itself from Sleep Mode.


      I have  DX58SO motherboard with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  I put the computer to sleep and then after a while it turns itself back on for a little bit and then goes back to sleep by itself. It keeps doing this.  It also did it before when Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit was installed on the computer with the same motherboad.  There is no video when it turns itself on and back to sleep mode. How do I correct this issue?  Thanks for your help and time!

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          I recommend to update the BIOS, you can download the latest version here:




          If after updating the BIOS the problem continues, I recommend to check the BIOS power options. You can enter the BIOS setup program by repeatedly pressing the F2 key during the boot process. Once on the BIOS access the power menu and select the STAY OFF option under 'After power failure'

          Then press F10 to save and exit.


          If you have the system connected to an UPS try to connect the system directly to the wall


          Also you can try to test a different power supply unit

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            The BIOS updates and original BIOSes provided by intel are all broken and intel has no intention of fixing it or allowing you to fix it.


            Basically you made an error when you selected this intel motherboard thinking you were obtaining a quality product, my recommendation, stop buying intel motherboards, they don't work properly and you can't get any real help from intel to fix anything that is wrong with them, I speak from experience.

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              maybe i'm pointing out the bleedingly obvious, but have you tried disconnecting the mouse and just in case the keyboard?

              @ biosproject: i love ur attitude!

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                Because intel has outright lied, recanted offered assistance and cost my boss more than $100K in lost revenue and $50K in motherboard hardware from a previous incident where they (intel) recommended hardware to meet specific requirements only to find out the functionality was broken, assured my boss they would fix it and instead dragged out it for 1.5 years then EOL'd the product and because the product was EOL's refused to provide support for it, the customer went out of business and my boss almost did the same so I am sorry if you don't like my attitude but I would rather warn people of intel's habit to lie about support services, the lack of true product support and the poor quality of their products.


                The only saving grace for my boss this time around is that he refused to spend the money to buy intel hardware but the customer being a former loyal intel customer just had to have a genuine intel product so he ignored the advice given to use hardware from a different vendor and now has 500 DX58SO motherboards he has to take a loss on because intel lied and actually has a long history of this.


                My boss just negotiated a deal with eVGA for twelve hundred 5600 series chipset boards for a customer which includes stipulations about the BIOS, it's functionality and capabilities so eVGA's gain is intel's loss.

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                  hey, when i said i love your attitude, i wasn't even kidding.

                  if you're saying that intel is  a buch of a**holes, maybe the most rutheless company in IT, i'm totally with ya!

                  to you they only lied, others they blackmailed. or why was amd awarded 1.5 billion in court?

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                    Not to change the tone but do realize that the computer must wake from sleep to enter hibernation.  The time set for hibernation is in addition to any sleep time set which is confusing.