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    S5520HCT and Win 2008 R2 Hyper-V


      Hi all,

           We have 3 servers with this board in an intel SC5600LX chassie.  When we add the roll Hyper-V the network performance drops by an order of 10.


      What we have done;

           Install Windows 2008 R2 run all updates

           test speed and get ~100M

           Add Hyper-V roll and reboot

           Test speed and get ~5M

           Remove Hyper-V and reboot

           Test speed and get ~100M


           Readd Hyper-V

           Turn off all offload settings in NIC Card settings

           Turn off in Netsh

           Play with buffers

           Use both Microsoft provided NIC drivers and latest Intel drivers

           Added 4 port Intel I340-T4



           Allways same result.


      Any ideas please?