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    DH55HC PCE x1 graphic problem

      Hi there! I have a problem with MB Intel DH55HC. I need to run 8 displays. It worked fine with two old PCI Matrox G450 quadhead. But it was not powerfull enough, so I decided to upgrade to nVidia Quadro NVS 420 PCIe x1. But when I replaced the old graphics with new ones, I got only two beeps pause and two beeps, which means the graphic card problem. I installed latest BIOS (039), but with no effect. I tried only one card in each slot on the board (both cards) but nothing. Still the same - two beeps, pause, two beeps. It is not the first time I got problems with Intel board and I am realy mad about that. I had never such problems with Gigabyte, which I use for my home use, but at work we install Intel MB and since 3X chipsets series there is more problems than benefits. But back to the question. Has anyone some idea how to resolve this issue? Thanks

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          I apologize for all of the inconveniences you've had with the Intel(R) desktop boards you've owned.


          Regarding the current problem, as I understand your Intel(R) Desktop Board DH55HC no longer POSTs; it only beeps twice, pauses, and then, beeps, again, twice, but does not go further than that, and this happened right after you install the x1 PCIe* nVidia* card.  If that's correct, to begin troubleshooting, I'd recommend trying with the minimum system components.


          Reminder: A basic computer configuration would consist of the following: keyboard, mouse, processor, memory, hard drive, CD-ROM, video card, and monitor.   No other add-in should be installed.