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    D945gcnl audio problem


      My motherboard audio suddenly went away, i reinstalled os thn installed drivers thn also audio is not working. the drivers and all r correctly installed. also no error in device manager. but sound is not coming. i chkd spkrs its working. the same problem in both windows 7 and xp.. I reinstalled os many times .. all getting the same error. Drivers and all r correctly installed

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          You may have disabled the integrated audio component in the BIOS. To fix this, enter the BIOS setup program by pressing <F2> during the boot process. Once in the BIOS setup utility, select the Advanced menu, then choose the Peripheral Configuration submenu. Once there, change the setting for Audio to Enabled. Press <F10> to save the new settings and reboot the system



          If you are using Microsoft(R) Windows* XP, try by installing the audio patch that came with the installation disk, you can look for it at the following location:




          If the problem continues lets try the following troubleshooting steps:


          a. Disable audio in BIOS before the installing Windows, in order to disable the audio, during boot, enter the BIOS setup by pressing F2.


          Disable audio on the Advanced > Peripheral Configuration menu.


          Press F10 to Save and Exit.


          b. Once we disable the audio in BIOS we are going to install the operating system.


          c. Install the latest Service Pack for your version of Windows.


          d. Install the Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility (INF Utility).


          e. Install all of rest of the latest drivers for your board, EXCEPT the audio driver.


          You can find the latest drivers at the following url:




          f. Re-enable audio in BIOS:


          During boot, enter the BIOS setup by pressing F2.


          Enable audio on the Advanced > Peripheral Configuration menu.


          Press F10 to Save and Exit.


          G. Restart the system and cancel any "new hardware found" messages.


          H. Install the latest audio driver.


          I. Restart the system.


          If you need more information regarding your problem please visit the following website



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            my name is bharani and i am a web/graphic designer, hyd.same problem occured for me also and i tried so many times...no way..and the drivers

            also not installing ( audio drivers - failed ) and recently when i attach my compter to my lcd tv it works fine again when i want to connect with my monitor

            ...bios also(f2) not displaying....i contact my computer technician ...he told me its common in 945gcnl boards (bios problem) is that true?


            can you please explain what i have to if same problem occured?


            my sistem configuration:


            motherboard - 945gcnl

            processer     - intel core 2 duo 2.20ghz

            ram              - zion 1 gb 667 bus speed ( 1x2)

            graphics       - nvidia 6600 (128bit) pcixpress card

            hdd              - 250 gb - western digital

                                 500 gb - seagate ( in some time i used .......1x2 tb - seagate)



            plese reply me with detail..



            thank you




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              Did you try downloading this OpenAL zip.file

              • After downloading move it to a safe place best to put it in it's own folder
              • Unzip the folder from there and Run the file (with full "Administrator" privileges)
              • You should be able to discard the Unzipped file once the program runs
              • Restart/Reboot

              If this does not work there is also a Registry edit you can do but this is for experienced operators as it will change the way your computer operates

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                2forthend wrote:


                Did you try downloading this

                What was that link again - it's not working here...

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                  OpenAL Creativelabs

                  Sorry I got your message earlier but for some reason the floods in Australian have been slowing down my wireless internet connection   *Google is your Friend* (Oh and someone sent me this earlier today so *I just thought I'd share the luv*)


                  EDIT: Adding Logo for open source driver courtesy_Wikimedia.org