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    No display from MSI Nvidia 9800gt with DH55HC board


      Hey everyone,


      I tried almost every solution to try and get a display with my nvidia 9800gt card so I'm hoping maybe someone has a different solution for me. I read my board manual and it said it should auto detect when a PCIe x16 card is installed but no luck for me. Fan is spinning on the card so it is receiving power and I just got the card sent back to me two days ago after I sent it back so I'm positive its not faulty. I'm using an HDMI cable connecting to a 27' HD TV. I've tried this on multiple monitors as well. If anyone has any suggestions it will be greatly appreciated.


      My specs are:

      Windows 7 64 bit

      Intel Core i-5 650 @ 3.2 GHz

      4GB Kingston RAM

      DH55HC Intel mobo

      700 Watt PSU

      160 GB W.D. Hard drive