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    DP55KG UEFI issues


      I recently bought an Intel DP55KG motherboard. The hardware was running fine now for 10 days with UEFI disabled and the old MBR HDD setup under Windows 7 x64.


      I tested an UEFI based installation on a blank HDD  with a GPT disk layout (I removed my old disk from the computer).


      Installing Windows 7 x64 wasn't a issue at all, I could get the computer up and running etc. After a while on the desktop my GFX card (Nvidia GTX 465) suddenly switches to a black screen that I can only get rid off by rebooting my computer. Sometimes I even get bluescreens in Windows now.


      I switched the HDD's again, disabled UEFI in the Bios and now my PC runs rock-solid again. I performed some stress testing with Prime 95 and checked my RAM to ensure my hardware wasn't broken.


      Does anyone here have an idea what might cause those strange instabilities?


      PS: I'm running the latest Bios on my mainboard KGIBX10J.86A and an Intel Core i7 860.

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          I have two Intel DP55KG boards, one with an LSI 9260-8i for boot, and another with a 3ware 9650SE-4PML; however, I had used a 2TB and Raptor150s originally on each board respectively (directly connected) but never had a need for UEFI.


          Is there a reason you need UEFI enabled?

          Are you using a single drive connected to the motherboard that is greater than 2TB?



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            I don't really need to run my computer in UEFI mode, noone of my HDD's exceeds the 2TB border.


            I just wanted to try UEFI booting for the sake of experimenting


            As I mentioned above, the Mainboard is running fine in BIOS/MBR mode, I was just a bit confused that those crashes happen when running the OS in UEFI mode.


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