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    Whole disk encryption and SSDs in Raid-0 - Need help


      I've been using Truecrypt 7.0a with my Vaio Z11QGX/S, which comes OEM with two SSD in Raid 0 configuration. The main problem I've been having is that putting the computer to sleep, or standby, takes a long time and hangs every now and then. When the computer hangs trying to standby, it cannot finish "going to sleep" and I must manually power down the laptop and power it back on.


      The problem also seems to be incremented in duration and when I am connected to a network via VPN, which I need to do for work.


      I've updated all drivers and BIOS to the latest.  The laptop uses the Intel HM57 Express chipset.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem, or something similar?


      Is there any other whole disk encryption software that (better) supports my hard drive configuration (Raid-0 SSDs)?


      Thanks in advance!