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    Windows XP Embedded for Intel GMA HD


      I have an AOpen MP57-D with an Intel Core i5-520M processor - Intel GMA HD.

      When using Windows XP Professional, I can run the installer for the Intel Graphics Drivers for XP and everything works fine.

      With Windows XP Embedded, the installer runs fine but the system runs at 640x480 in 4 bit color. It lets me try to change the resolution and color depth, but the changes are ignored.

      Is there a different driver for Windows XP Embedded?

      When we eventually upgrade to Windows 7 Embedded, will there be a similar problem?

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          Does anyone know if Intel GMA Graphics drivers work on Microsoft XP Embedded Operating Systems? If not, is there any plan to support it in the future?

          Web chats with Intel support and different hardware vendors are making it look like it is not currently supported.

          We are looking for a CPU upgrade in our product and thought the i5 would be a good fit, but having to pay an extra $70 per OS because of a graphics driver problem is forcing us to look at other solutions.

          Paying extra hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for a non-embedded OS because a graphics driver will not work is unacceptable.

          No response from Intel support staff on their own support forum (with a solution or stating that there is no support) is not acceptable.

          Getting a completely different answer every time I chat with Intel (saying it isn't supported, directing me to drivers that are for the Core 2 Duo...) is not acceptable.