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    g45/g43 HDMI no visual


      hi there i got a question , and hope people can help me with it .

      been struggling several days , and i know quite alot of pc's but this is a stranger to me !!!

      i bought a new mobo from zotac ( itx board ) with onboard DVI and HDMI port .

      the dvi port functions as expected , tought the HDMI port is failing imba ..

      when i connect hdmi cable to tv and set tv to correct external connection port and turn on pc i see the post ,

      until the windows loading bar ( vista SP1 ) , when the vista bubble shows the tv turns black and dvi port keeps booting up .

      so i reinstalled newest drivers manually . same effect

      removed drivers and rebooted then tv and pc screen work normally , let windows find its own drivers all goes well and after installation ,

      reboot then the tv turns black again .

      so im kinda lost here , vista does support the tv when no drivers are present , or in safe mode it also supports tv .

      when drivers are loaded ( 3 diffrent drivers ) at the moment vista goes to desktop at boot , the tv turns black .


      so this sounds like a driver issue , since without driver vista can take over the hdmi port and dvi wihtout issues .


      now anyone got experience with this issue ?

      i would love to have it solved to watch movies / photos .

      grtz !


      mobo : Zotac G43 ITX mini A-E

      intel dual core cpu E2200

      2gb 800 mhz ram

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          Have you tried setting the system up for dual displays in "Graphics Properties" ?


          Right click on your desktop and select ""Graphics Properties"  , the Intel(R) Graphics and Media Control. On the left side you will see a Multiple Displays" button, click it. Then on the right side there will be a "Operating Mode" drop down, select the mode you want and you should be good to go.

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            yeah i tried that !

            tough it only seens the HP main monitor and nothing on the hdmi port

            so cannot select multiple displays or anything else , its stuck on 1 mode : single display , screen type plug and play .

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              when scrolling threw the fora here i notice a HUGE issue with g45 chipsets .

              a huge disapointment !

              that an issue thats well over a year old has not been solved yet .

              anyway i can give the mobo back to intel or something ? ( or a good solution ? )




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                still nothing found about this  issue ,

                really noone with more information about what to do ????

                i just went and orderd a dvi to hdmi adapter , but its not how its designed ofc ^_^

                * sob* *sob* !

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                  At one time I was able to get a dual display configuration via both HDMI and VGA. Somehow that went away when I used a protected blu-ray disc, and I have never been able to get it back. The graphics and media control panel only has an option for single display. If I unplug the VGA monitor, then I can use the HDMI. Is there a registry hack, perhaps, that will allow for multiple displays?

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                    That's really odd that a BD disk affected the displays. I have several systems that I have tested this issue on and cannot duplicate what you are seeing. Have you contacted Zotac customer support to see if they have any information that may help? Do they have a BIOS update?

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                      No, I don't have any Zotac products, so that may not be the way to go.


                      I did contact DVD software guys, and they confirmed that some blue-ray discs have protection against being displayed on more than one monitor at a time. I can only assume this is what caused my problems, because things were fine prior. But now, I have no option to choose dual monitors any longer. I would think a registry hack would be possible, but that is only another guess.


                      I am running 64bit Vista Business on an Asus MB. You're thinking a BIOS kick?

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                        Well just wondering if the BIOS / VBIOS on your board is the latest Zotac has posted. Can you do a system state restore to a time just before the issue started occurring?

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                          I don't get the Zotac thing. I'm running an ASUS motherboard, so a BIOS flash from Zotac doesn't seem proper.


                          I have checked for Intel graphics drivers for the g45/g/43, and have the latest. I can't do a restore - been too long. I could low level format the hard drive and reinstall everything, and that should work since it initially worked, but I'm not real up for that either. I have an HDMI cable going to my HDTV, in another room. I can still watch blu-rays or any other source on my ACER moniter, but would like to be able to switch to my regular HDTV sometimes. It's too big a pain to actually do now, so I just don't. The dual monitor setting would make things very simple, but I simply do not have that option at present.

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                            Ooops, sorry,, the start of this thread was for a Zotac board,, different poster I now see. At any rate,, check ASUS for the same. What about doing a install with the Repair option?

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                              anyways its good to see some posts here

                              but BIOS update for me wont have any effect , since my hdmi works in bios and post and untill OS loading screen .

                              i now bought an dvi to hdmi converter , connected it up to the port and also no signal to tv over dvi port .

                              so i had the old graphics card that came with the system it only has 1 dvi port , connected the converter and hdmi cable .

                              NO issue at all . works like a charm .

                              so the issue is definetly the chipset .

                              ( could be vista home prem only , but issue non the less )

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                                This helped for Windows 7.  If it is available, try booting Windows in low resolution mode if that is available.  Turn on the computer and enter the Windows boot screen by hitting F8 about once per second.  If "low resolution mode" is available as an option, select it.  This will force Windows to use low res mode when it boots.  Account settings override this when a user logs in.  This can be made permanent if it works.