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    How to un-fail a volume in Matrix Storage Manager?




      I had a broken RAID 1 volume (ie. 'degraded') and then the remaining disk failed, so the volume is also now 'failed'.


      In the matrix manager I have reset the 'failed' drive to 'normal' and believe that it is now working again (though quite possibly only temporarily).


      So I would appear to have a working half of a raid 1 pair, but the manager won't recognise that the volume is kind of 'ok' again so I can't access any data on the disk.


      Is there anyway to get access to this disk again, before it fails, without deleting the data?


      I thought about 'creating a new volume from an existing disk', but that seems not to work because it's expecting the source disk to be available (ie. not in an existing volume). So I thought about removing the disk from the failed volume, but I think the only way to do this is to 'delete the volume' which says it also deletes all the data...

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          ok, I couldn't wait any longer. after a test with another drive I found the following solution:


          1) Delete the failed volume

          2) Ignored the warning about it deleting all the data on the drive blah blah blah, and continued to delete the volume

          3) Once the volume was deleted the drive was available as just a regular drive with all my partitions and (as far as I can tell) my data intact.

          4) Copied the data off

          5) Job done


          This worked for me (twice) but I can't guarantee it would work for anyone else, so try this only as a last resort at your own risk!