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    945GM Express Chipset - Dual Monitor Recognized, but Black


      I've been using Dual Monitor with no problems on this system for 2 years with zero problems. It is an HP dv6365US wit the 945GM Express Chipset.


      It was working fine last weekend. I was travelling for 4 days not using the dual monitor, then, when I returned, and plugged the second monitor back in, it didn't show any graphic.



      The monitor is 100% recognized. I can move windows to it, Change its resolution, set it as main/extended monitor  - do Anything I want to it. However, the power LED just blinks green and the screen is completely black. If I unplug the VGA cable, the monitor change states saying it is not receiving a signal.



      The monitor shows black at startup as well.


      It is not a monitor issue, I plugged in another monitor and the same thing happened.


      I have already tried restoring factory drivers, then, reinstalling updated drivers, nothing worked there either.


      I've done power offs and let them set and nothing.



      Any other ideas?