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    Who has a Facebook account?


      If you do, become a fan of The Server Room. 

      It's open to all.



      Which brings up a good question.  What do you do on Facebook?

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          Javed Lodhi


          Well it's good to see a Server Room fan page however I looked up "Intel Open Port" page/group on Facebook but couldn't find anything. I would suggest that we should have a group for IPIP or Open Port and if any exists, our users should be informed.






          Warm Regards,



          Javed Lodhi



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            Good idea.  I am all for having multiple venues for our community content. 


            With regard to Facebook, the site for 'The Server Room' is currently still being built up.  One way we are looking to do that is for people like you to join us and provide content on the page.  If you have anything interesting to offer to the fans... please add it.


            If we get enough demand for an IPIP or an Open Port page, we will certainly be involved in building it.  But we want the IT community (you and the other readers) to help own it.  The reason we are here is to support the community effort.



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              Javed Lodhi





              Good idea and I will try to get as many on board as possible to support the community. I'm always up for contributions so that the rest benefit from what we know just the way we benefit from others' knowledge ... good work I must say!






              Regards, Javed