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    anticheat with hardware id


      not sure if this is the right place for this but here it is:


      I saw some time back that intel was heading into cpu ids to stop online crime etc but they caused a stir with privacy groups and havent heard much since.

      So i was just wondering why its never been developed further for the sake of gaming/anticheat methods, atm theres a massive surge of ppl buying consoles because of cheating on pc's and i cant imagine it'd be a hard thing to implement for ppl who know what theyre doing.


      Now im not the most technical minded here so this is just a rough guestimate on how it would work, have motherboard/cpu id's with a seperate backend circuit type setup with access to the ethernet/usb port/modem(independent of memory/cpu to stop software interference), as well as a bios option to enable/disable(for the paranoid).

      Then give software/technical support to anti cheat systems like punkbuster so they now can ban the pc entirely rather than ip/cdkey/pbid etc  which can be easily worked around.


      So yeah have everything completely voluntary and optional but allow ppl who are willing to use their future pc gaming as collatoral/insurance to play in a secure server.