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    Problems Watching WMV with 845G GC!!! Help!


      Hi Everyone, I am new to the boards and would first like to say Hi 


      I have a Sony Vaio Desktop PCV-RS100 which is a few years old. I recently Updated the Hard Drive so had to Re-Install all the Drivers and stuff.

      My Desktop is running a Intel Intel 856G Graphics Card. I was on Intels site and they scanned my computer to tell me what I needed to update and they showed me what needs to be done. So I basically updated the drivers, Now the Problem I am having is, I downloaded a 25min Video from a uTorrent and now that I play it on my Computer the Audio goes but the Video Plays like a Picture SLIDESHOW!! I am thinking it is because of my Video Graphics Drive.


      My Question is can I update to a better One and would it fix this issue??

      Or does anyone know what the real problem of this video not playing smothly is.


      Sry if some things are not clear, I am a total Newbie.


      Thanks for your help!