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    AHCI / Intel Rapid Storage 9.6 - bug on Windows XP : drives don't go to sleep anymore.



      I would like to report an issue to Intel: when using "Intel Rapid Storage" version 9.6 on Windows XP SP3 32bit, the drives will NOT go to sleep anymore.


      If in Bios I set SATA back to "IDE" (Intel Rapid Storage isn't used anymore), then the drives will sleep perfectly.


      The data:

      The board is Asus P5K-VM with Intel ICH9 controller.

      OS is Windows XP SP3. In Bios, SATA is set as AHCI.

      The Intel Rapid Storage driver (iaStor.sys) installed version is

      The HDDs are Samsung HD103UJ, there exist no firmware update for those drives.


      In the XP "Power Options", I set "Turn off hard disks" to 3 hours, unfortunately, the drives will *never* go to sleep after 3 hours with AHCI/ iaStor.sys.


      If in Bios I change SATA back to IDE (iaStor.sys isn't used anymore) then the drives will go to sleep after 3 hours...


      I can reproduce the issue _every_ time, it's consistent.


      There seems to be a small bug in iaStor.sys version 9.6 that prevents the HDD to go to sleep after 3 hours.

      An interesting point, using AHCI/iaStor.sys and setting "Turn off hard disks" to 15 minutes DOES work. But set to 3 hours, it won't.

      Using IDE, it will go to sleep always, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, etc...


      Thanks for your support,