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    DH57JG extreme slow bios load times with adaptec 5805 installed


      Has anyone else had problems with the DH75JG and a pci-e x8 card installed such as the adaptec 5805 raid controller?

      without the card I get about a 2 second bios load time, but with the card installed I get 55 seconds bios load time.

      I can after 55 seconds get into the bios setup and configure stuff as long as I don't have disks installed on the raid card. If I have disks on the raid card the bios setup will only draw the top menu and it just freezes after that, I need to power off the motherboard to get out of the bios.

      The adaptec card has been in use on another motherboard for a year with no problems, I just decided to upgrade my nas with a new cpu/mb/ram.


      motherboard : DH57JG, bios : BIOS Version 0537 - JGIBX10J.86A.0537.2010.0518.0132

      cpu : core i3 540

      raid card : pci-e x8 Adaptec RAID 5805 Firmware/BIOS Update Ver. 5.2.0 Build 17899


      Oh yeah, anyone have a solution to reducing the bios wait time? it sits at the 5A position the entire time.