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    Board Specific


      I'd like to see motherboard specific catagories. One for each of the boards, instead of scrolling thru the different topics relating to the badaxe2, or bonetrail or skull trail to find the smackover related threads. Obviously I have the dx58so board and am looking to see what other owners are doing, issues, fixes ect.

      I can see drawbacks , and that is limiting expertise across the various boards. But a general board disscusion could fill some of that void, and as example, I had a 975xbx2 for 3 years, so even though I came and checked the x58so threads, I would still check in on the badaxe to see if I had any input.

      I know there are a ton of intel boards and this may be not possible.

      What do you guys think?

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          I would like this feature too. Or maybe a way to tag what motherboard a thread is about. Then you could have categories based on either the exact motherboard and chipset (since the chipset used can be derived by the motherboard in question). This would make it much easier to find motherboard and chipset specific issues.