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    i5-460M or i7-740QM


      Hi guys, I am ordering a Dell Inspiron 15r laptop and the difference between them mainly is that one has the Core i5-460M 2.5Ghz - 2.8Ghz and the other one has a core i7-740QM 1.7Ghz - 2.9Ghz (and this model as a 750GB HD instead of 500GB - but it does not really matter for me).


      Now the difference in price is €90.  My question is ... I need this laptop for University, Home, and some gaming ... - will the i7 consume more battery power or is the difference in consumption negligable??  Also, you think heat would be an issue with the i7 as the size of both laptops are the same.


      What would you go for? is it worth the extra €90??

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          I could not find the cpu i5-460m on ark.intel.com, so i have chosen i5-450m as a reference.


          Refer to the link below, to have a quick comparison of the two cpus.



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            Hi and thanks for the reply - i appreciate you taking the time.  However, I know the specs of both CPU's, I just want to know whether I should stay with the i5 or go for the i7 - I have read articles which have said that due to a higher clock speed, the i5 will run applications which use 2 cores faster, etc ... but I need more opinions.





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              hi there

              i'm selling notebooks of many kind

              several days ago an acer 5741 notebook just came in with Corei5 460m and vga  gt420m

              it was awsome

              i cheked so many laptops with corei7 720qm  but the performance against that acer was the same

              i tested them with   "performance test"  software


              Lenovo Ideapad y550    Ci7  720qm      4g Ram     640 HDD    VGA:ati5730        the score was=1064

              Acer 5742G    Ci5 460m     4G Ram     640 HDD     VGA:G-force 420m              the score was=1385

              i couldn't belive my eyes