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    DH55HC hdd led always on


      Hello , i've recently buy a new dh55hc mobo , all go fine except one thing , the hdd led always remains on , no blinking , always on , what happens , a mobo failure ??

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          RE Check the wiring on the board where you hook up the case connections , for HD LED , there is a positive and negitive , you may have them switched.

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            Simple answer for this is move the HDD Led to terminals 2 and 4. Terminals 2 and 4 are Alternate "Front Panel Power LED" This will then show HDD usage, instead of a constant on LED as you described using terminals 1 and 3. While terminals 1 and 3 do say "HD LED"  and have a "+ and -" reversing the wire should not make a difference since its a simple "LED" or element. and if you ground here to the chassis you will damage the Mother Board. LED needs a return to the mother board + an - so it will light up. As I stated terminals 2 and 4 are alternates for the front panel LED, and will make the HDD LED or front panel to blink instead of staying on continually. Observe polarity which should have been provided with your tower paper work, but I don't think it matters since it's just an element. I had the same issue and this did solve the problem.

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              Hello , thanks but your advice not working , i've connected the power led to alternate front panel led , if i connect hdd led to 1-3 or 2-4 pins in a sense remains on all time even with the hdd's disconnected !!! , if reverse the connector remains off all time . Really this make me sick , even more , there is a 3 pin connector below the cmos reset jumper what is not found in any manual .I really like to see a hdd led blinking when hd work and not blinking when not work . The next time i will buy a Gigabyte motherboard  Thanks

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                    I have intel dh55tc . . . .  i also have the same LED NOT BLINKING problem since i got my new i3 pc but now i resolve this problem . .

                    all u have to do is unplug your front panel usb pins from USB PANEL 2 with flsh drive support, and plug it into USB PANEL 1 or 3.

                    thats it . . . !!! Now your Hard Disk LED Blinks . . . Try Now . . .


                Thnks & Rgdz,

                Mani rOx . . .

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                  Mani you're a genius...thanks. Disconnecting front USB from USB2 and using 1 & 3 worked perfectly