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    How to instal driver SASMF8I on OpenSuse 11.3 kernel






      3.3 Installing RAID driver as a secondary device - built into initrd image


      This is preferred if RAID controller is used as a secondary device. Here megasr driver will be build with the initrd image and there is no need to do insmod at every reboot of the system.


      1) Create RAID array on RAID Controller using Intel Embedded RAID Technology II RAID BIOS Console Utility.
      2) Boot the OS from primary controller/Disk.
      3) Mount the dud floppy. #mount/dev/fd0/mnt/floppy
      4) Unzip modules.cgz file in driver update disc to get driver images for different kernel versions


          #gunzip-S.cgz modules.cgz
      It will generate a new file called modules.
          #cpio-ivd <modules


      5) Install megasr driver module
          #cp <kernel version>/megasr.o/lib/modules / <kernel version>/update/megasr.o
      6) Create megasr driver Entry in Configuration file. RedHat configuration file is/etc/modules.conf. If megasr entry is not present in/etc/modules.conf add following line.
          alias scsi_hostadapter megasr
      then run this command:
            #depmod <kernel version>
      7) Create new initrd image for the required kernel. RedHat uses mk_initrd utility to create initrd image following command will create an initrd image for RedHat EL4.0 kernel in boot directory. See mk_initrd man page more information
      8) Modify lilo.conf/grub.conf file. Add newly created initrd (s) as a new entries in/etc/lilo.conf file. The best suggested method is to copy an existing lilo entry in the file and past it as a new one. Then modify its kernel image name, initrd image name and label name.


      Sample Lilo Entry
          image =/boot/vmlinux- <kernel version>
          initrd =/boot/initrd- <kernel version>.img.new
          appened = "root=LABEL = /"


      Sample Grub Entry
          title Red Hat Linux (<kernel version> with megasr driver)
          root (hd0,0)
          kernel / VMLINUZ - <kernel version> ro root=LABEL =/
          initrd / INITRD - <kernel version>.img.new
      9) Update boot loader. If the boot loader is Lilo run lilo command to update boot loader
      10) Reboot the system to the new initrd entries.


      Has dearchived all archives and images modules.cgz HAS not found! What to do?

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          I don't think OpenSuse 11.3 is a supported OS:



          Package Information


          Driver Version = 13.21.0614.2010

          OS supported = RHEL4U5-U8, RHEL5GA-U5, SLES9SP3-SP4, SLES10sp1-SP3, SLES11GA; (both x86 & x64 versions for these OS versions).

          The 'megasr-xx.xx.xxxx.xxxx-1-sles10-ext-xxx-xxx.img files contain the XEN kernel drivers for SLES10 - these images are ONLY required if the XEN kernel is being used, and they then need to be added as a SECOND FLOPPY during installation (see section 3.1.5 below).   To support XEN for SLES 11, only the standard driver disk image is enough and no -ext driver disk image is required (see section 3.1.6 below)