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    ME firmware update parameter file question


      Hello All,


      I have a question updating the ME firmware on my Weybridge platform.  I know it's a little old but bear with me.


      Using FWUpdLcl.exe, I am able to update my ME firmware to the latest version,  My question is how do I set the default parameters within MEBx?

      When I run the AMTNVM.exe tool to extract my parameter file with the bin file I used with the FWUpdLcl.exe, I get an error saying the file is invalid.  Which bin file are the parameters stored in and how do I set the default values when I update the ME firmware?


      I guess I'm not really sure when the ME looks at the parameter files to load the default settings but I am trying to include my own set of parameters when I do the upgrade.


      Thanks for the help.


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          So you have the latest FW update file availalbe, unfortunately this file will not allow you to make the chagnes you are trying to mak.The only way to make chagnes  to the default settings, is to have the complete FW binary. The parameters section is not included in the FW update file. If you have the full Binary file then you can output the parameters file and make the changes - otherwsie you need to use a setup and configuration server to make a profile change. this is done to prevent rogue admins or hackers from modifying the settings without proper authentication.


          if you have the full binary file then AMTNVM can make the changes.

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            Thank you for the update Sean.


            I was able to get the full binary file from my OEM vendor and was able to extract my parameter file from that.


            Thanks for looking at this.