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    RAID 1 to RAID 5 migration question


      I have an ICH7 family chipset with 82801GR/GH (at least, according to Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit Control Panel).  I currently have two 500Gb SATA drives configured as RAID 1 and want to purchase an additional 650Gb drive to upgrade the RAID to RAID 5 (with a small 150Gb RAID 0 for the page file, temp files, etc).  I would like to know if this process is painless... or if I have to build my system from scratch?  i.e. When I install the third disk, can I just break the RAID 1 array and then reconfigure the three disks as RAID 5 and the controller will automatically rebuild the data?  Do I need to be careful about the order of how I do the configuration?  Thanks for any answers!