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    Remote Management for SR1630HGP


      Hello everyone,


      I'm a bit confused as to the Remote Management possibilities for this server.

      From my understanding and attempts (I found no mention of this on the docs), if I want to access the BMC I have to give up a NIC dedicated to it.


      In this case, even if I'm fine with text-only side-band access, I'd buy a RMM3 module to keep both on-board NICs available to the OS (I'll do trunking).

      Now, the Specs page for SR1630HGP indicates support for "Optional Intel® Remote Management Module 3 Lite (Intel® RMM3 Lite)" [ http://www.intel.com/Products/Server/Systems/SR1630GP/SR1630GP-specifications.htm ]. If I search the product online (as AXXRMM3LITE), I find essentially no result, even from the shops linked on the Intel page for it ("Product not found").

      At the same time, I found other PDFs ("Spares/AccessoriesList &ConfigurationGuide") not mentioning support for RMM3 on this system.


      So my question is: any way to use both on-board NICs WHILE maintaining (possibly on different IP) BMC text-only access? If I need to go for RMM3 to save both NICs, can I safely buy AXXRMM3 for my SR1630HGP system? If not, where do I find AXXRMM3LITE?