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    Could someone help me diagnose????D975XBX2


      It started when my 2 monitors went balck and said "No signal".  So I thought, "My video card died" (after trying other monitor).  I went in to try other video cards, pulled it out, dusted with compressed air inserted again and turn the computer on.  Now my Intel processor wont start. Nor will the cool fans.  I tried a different power supply and it is the same.  When I turn it on the start moving (both the processor and the fans) but they stop right away.  The "on" light on the motherboard is on, but the processor wont start.  I stripped down all non essentials from the power supply but still the same.  No error beeps at all.  I am on a D975XBX2 motherboard with an Intel core2 dual processor and a 500W power suply and just in case it matter I am using WIndows XP3.  I has worked just fine for 2+ years.  Does any of this ring a bell.  What component could be the problem here?