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    Windows 7 native AHCI drivers vs Intel RST drivers.


      Hi Forum Members,


      I just upgraded a PC from Vista Business 32bit to Windows 7 32bit. In Vista, the Intel Storage Manager "F6" disk drivers were used for the drivers source (ie. Intel Storage Manager or Rapid Storage Technologies installs where not used because RAID was not needed, but rather just compatability with the BIOS's AHCI enabled functionality).


      Now in Windows 7's Device Manager, I see the normal "Disk Drives" branch, and the leaves say "ST3250410AS ATA Device" for each of the drives. Here's what I'm curious about:


      If I go into "Properties | Driver tab" it says

      Driver Provider: Microsoft

      Driver Date: 6/21/2006

      Driver Version: 6.1.7600.16385


      That 6/21/2006 date doesn't sound so reassuring or like the latest technology. That's sounds like pre-Vista to me.


      Fyi, The Win7 driver details are:

      disk.sys and partman.sys (both 6.1.7600.16385, win7_rtm.090713-1255)

      There's also a Roxio  (Sonic Solutions) and Acronis driver enumerated there also. Here's a pic:



      I mentioned that RAID functionality is not needed currently on this Win7 machine, but should I install the latest RST package (ie. "Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology - 32 & 64 bit - v9.6.0.1014 - 0323310) to get the best driver performance and funtionality possible? Btw, I tried doing an "Update Driver" and pointed it to a directory with "F6" 32bit files, but it just said I already had the latest drivers.


      I appreciate any comments, corrections or suggestions that you care to offer.




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          Hardware and their drivers can easily predate software.  Vista already provided the correct drivers for AHCI if you think that helps.  Look at DirectX or other graphics drivers as well as applications and you see some pretty old ones included.

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            HI Curious592,


            Thank you for your comments.


            I have a simlar post (and threads) going on over at Tom's Hardware because I wasn't getting any replies here, for awhile but let me ask it here also if I may, as follows:


            "Right now I have AHCI in the BIOS enabled, and have 4 SATA disks: no RAID enabled in BIOS, simply running as JBOD. If I first install the Intel RST drivers and the RST RAID management software too (then enable RAID in the BIOS), do the RST RAID drivers allow for JBOD, or require that some RAID be configured (ie. perhaps RAID 1 or 0 on at least two of the disks) ? 


            I'd be willing to make an incremental backup image of the OS drive, and see if it works if someone could confirm that RST allows JBOD. I understand that RST is generally for RAID, but perhaps it allows for JBOD (like Promise Technology controller firmware and their drivers do)."


            Either way, I'll reply any results back here and there to keep the posts complete.