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    Physical to Virtual Conversions P2V



      My name is Cedric Adams and I have been working at Intel for 8 years now in the IT organization.



      In the past few months I have been involved in the testing of P2V conversions.  We did these conversions with live running production systems to minimize down time impact.  My findings have been extremely host system dependent meaning each system had different issues to tackle after the conversion was complete.  One thing we did get was a good list of best known methods to approach the process.  We started with a list of 50 servers that met a defined criteria, and began testing the P2V process.  We noted repeatedly that physical disk corruption on the host (physical) system can cause failure on the virtual when the conversion was complete.  (Boot Failure) 



      The P2V process while a valid option to get running systems off of older unsupported hardware can cause one to spend the same amount of time cleaning up from the conversion as they would spend migrating the application to a cleanly built virtual server.

      My questions to the community



      Is this a good alternative to a clean system build?

      In what situations would you prefer to perform a P2V rather than a clean provision of a new system?