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    D945GCLF2 turns video off after 20 minutes...


      Hi there everyone.   I have a problem with a D945GCLF2 Atom-based Mini-ITX board, where the VGA and the TVOUT both turn themselves off after 20 minutes - I timed it.  The problem can be fixed by simply moving the mouse, and both screens come back on, but the issue I have with that, is that the boad is being used to run a kiosk display, and I can't have it turning itself off every 20 minutes.  I have checked the BIOS for anything that might lead to this, and in Windoze it is setup such that "Turn off monitor" is set to "Never".  I have setup other non-Intel boards like this, and once you set the monitor to not turn off, it stays on 24/7!   I note there is a slightly more update BIOS for this board, but when I try to install it, Windoze moans that "Installation failed to launch installation engine: Class not registered.", whatever the hell that means, so I cannot update the BIOS via Windoze - will look at other methods shortly.  Anyone got any ideas?  BOTH the VGA AND the TVOUT turn off at the same time, so I would actually be thinking BIOS bug at this stage.  Anyone else have this problem?  System is Windoze XP Pro, SP3, 2GB RAM.

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          Check your Power settings in Control Panel , you can personalize the power settings as when the computer sleeps and when it shuts down , They may be set to shut off in 20 min.

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            In control panel, power scheme is ALWAYS ON, Turn monitor off: Never.  Turn hard disks off: Never.  System standby: Never.


            This should be enough to keep it on all the time, but as I say, after 20 mins, the video switches itself off - you can set your clock to it - every 20 minutes, if there is no mouse movement or keyboard press.  It is not sleeping or hibernating, all the fans and hdd are still spinning, it's just the video that switches off.  As with any computer where you had actually set this to happen, once you move the mouse or press a key, the system is instantly ready again, so something(i suspect the BIOS) is bypassing Windoze and turning off the screen anyway.  Thanks for the suggestion though, but pretty sure that is not where our problem lies.  Any other ideas?

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              AS far as UP dtae your BIOS download it save it to your desk top ( EXE ) , Than go off line , turn off all of the security antivirus firewalls anti spam and anything else that has to do with security , Tahn run your update it should work. IT TAKES TIME.