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    GMA 500 8mb shared video


      So we all know that's a pathetic amount of memory allocated for video; Youtube, Hulu, etc. all studder when playing video. I've downloaded the latest GMA drivers and latest Flash patches.

      I'm using a Dell Inspiron mini 1010 with an Intel Atom 1.60GHz and 1 GB of RAM.

      QUESTION: How can I increase the memory from the stock 8mb to 32, 64, or even 128? Phoenix BIOS provides no options, and the Windows XP based utility for graphics does not give any option either to increase this amount.

      I've tried using Phoenix BIOS Editor Pro version in an attempt backdoor my BIOS... I can't figure it out, I don't even know if it would be able to do it for me either.

      I know it's possible to allocate more RAM to video, it IS possible. A lot of other forums out there try to tackle this issue as well, but there are never any solutions for those of use suffering with the GMA 500 (8mb), If anyone out there has a fix to INCREASE ALLOCATED MEMORY, I'm all game to any attempts to making this happen. Also, I am only interested in increasing it from the 8mb, nothing else! Trust me, I've spent about 6 hrs+ researching into this and I can't find a "fix" anywhere for this issue! FYI, this is not a patch or version issue. The solution will be something of a backdoor, not unless Intel actually has a way to increase this through some other utility (highly doubt it!!).

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          If anyone out there has a solution to this, it'd be GREATLY appreciated; I'll even spam this fix on all these other forums that I've joined just in an attempt to find an answer to my problem. "Thanks" in advance!

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            Well you have an Atom based Netbook and most likley the issue is perfomance capabilities an not video memory. That said, the only way to increase video memory is with a system BIOS setting which it appears Dell did not make available for your Netbook.

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              I'm not entirely sure about this, as the GMA 500 is a variant of a PowerVR core licensed by Intel, but: the GMA9x0 series allocates it's memory dynamically on a "as needed" base.

              As far as I know the GMA 500 sports no advanced video acceleration technology and the Atom CPU is nice in regards of power consumption but also rather slow considering typical desktop or laptop (not netbook) CPUs. Youtube, esp. if watching HD content, might push your netbook to the limits. My Asus eeePC 901go for instance is definitely a tad to weak to watch youtube HD videos without stuttering.