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    DP45SG Audio Issues


      I'm having issues with my motherboard, with the digital audio output. I have a 5.1 Logitech system, the Z5500 I guess and when I try to connect it with the optical output of the board it freezes all the software that is making sound like winamp, bsplayer, ... anything that produces sound. Anyonehave experienced the same issue, or anyone have a solution for this? I have Windows 7 and the lastest BIOS and audio updates.

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          I have the 5500 sys . on the back of the control head there is a switch , it says 6.1 or stero 1-3 , try changing the switch see what happens , in order to have my optical sound working I had to put the switch in stero 1-3.

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            I've done that and so far so good. I can't believe that I killed my head trying to figure this out, and it was all about switch. Thanks a lot dude.

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              After all it didn't work out. It turned out with the same problem. Any more suggestions?

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                If there's anything I've learned this year Is windows 7 and IDT don't play well together , check in control panel , the sound tab make sure it's set up to match the IDT. Because you have to set up windows sound first , Before you set IDT sound.

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                  Can you explain me how to do that? I don't find anything in the sound tab that allows me to configure anything about IDT. I have a tab that have suported formats, where I put checkmarks on DTS and Dobly digital and have the sample rates too. Besides that is just tabs with "level" and info about the hardware.

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                    In windows 7 the sound tab list playback devices select SPIDF Rear , as default than click properties and make sure its configured to match your play back in the optical it will be stero the z5500 will decode it to 5.1

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                      I still can't get i to work. This is how I have the settings for the sound:




                      I've chosen the "stereo 1-3" stuff. The software that reproduces any sound still crash. Tell me please if you have your settings like mine or which changes do I need to make.  Thanks for the help so far.

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                        this board is very picky on its settings, i had a whole bunch of issues with audio with this board.

                        I had mine hooked up to my receiver via hdmi cable and my spdif out was front. for that set up.

                        when i set it up with the optical out on the board was spdif out rear.

                        on the supported formats i had dts audio, dolby digital, microsoft wma pro audio boxes clicked.

                        levels had it a 100%

                        effects i had those unclicked

                        advanced default format would be dolby digital if it gives you that option or set it for 24 bit 48000 hz studio quality. for some reason if i set the default format higher then 48000hz it would give me no audio on certain programs, but when playing movies it would give me audio. not sure as to why i just learn to deal with it until the board just crapped out and did the whole rma thing with intel and got 2 deffective boards back after that i just went with an evga board and been happy since no problems with overclocking, hardware compatability, or audio what so ever.

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                          Support formats , Check DTS Audio , Check Dolby Digital, Check 48 Khz, / Effects Un check Disable Sys. Effects , / Advanced Check Allow App. to take exclusive control ,/ Check Give exclusive Mode Priority . This is how my sys is set.

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                            In advanced set to DVD quality.

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                              done all that, the problem still remains. I guess that's a problem with no solution for me. It's either buy a new board or an audio card. Thanks for the help. If you come up with anything else, just post it here and i'll give it a try...

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                                  what driver ver. are you using for the IDT ??

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                                    I'm running ver. 6224.7 v186. It's the latest one from intel.

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