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    problem with a DG31PR + Q9400 and 0071 bios update


      I upgrade my DG31PR motherboad bios to 0071 provided by intel and installed a Q9400 and I got some problems

      1) I entered in the bios option by F2 key and There isn't name on processor info

      2) Tempetures both CPU and board are set to 98C and 48C

      3) Negative voltage (-5V, -12V) are wrongs

      4) When WindowsXP started and I open My PC properties the processor info say that I have a Pentium III Xeon


      Today I have checked a lots of discussion, and I'm betty sure that the problem is the 0071 bios update. In fact, the problems fixed by 0071 bios were problems with Q8200 and Q9650 posted here. So, I was thinking that is there any Intel guy and read this post, Maybe try to fix the problem in Next release.