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    DG31PR Hanging on Windows Xp install


      Trying to install Windows XP Pro on DG31PR. I system keeps hanging on "setup is starting windows". I have tried everything i know.

      1. Change HDD both IDE and SATA

      2. Updated BIOS

      3. Changed CD ROM

      4. Changed memory

      5. Changed disks  and nothing


      Strangely Vista installs fine . So i am assuming it is a driver issue, even stranger XP was on this system at one time. Anyone have any ideas?

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          Most of the times, those system locks during the operating system installation are related to memory, processor or hard drives.


          However taking under consideration that Microsoft* Windows* Vista* works fine, I would say that this is a software related problem.


          This motherboard is a classic series motherboard with legacy and common interfaces, so the operating system does not require any third party driver to be loaded during the operating system installation.


          I would suggest you to test another installation CD of Microsoft* Windows* XP making sure that Service Pack 2 is embedded on the installation CD (if you are using one CD with o Service pack or Service pack 1 this may not work)

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            i am face same problem