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    motherboard jumper


      I'm still trying to breath life into an older intel mobo by adding a graphics card. When I insert the card in the pci-e16 slot and turn on the pc, only the fans come on. It never boots. Someone suggested that I boot up normally and switch the bios from the onboard video to the pci-e slot, then restart the pc and see if it boots up. If it does not, will I be able to reverse those steps? Will I be able to get to the bios? Will I have to remove the jumper on the mobo in order to get it to boot? I've never fooled with the jumper so I am uncertain what its purpose is and how it functions. I had the card checked in a separate mobo and it is OK. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

      Gateway 702GE (2004)
      Windows 7
      Intel South Lake P4 R0 mobo
      BIOS SE91510J.15A.2609.200
      Intel CPU Pentium 4 540 3.2 GHz
      3 GB