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    DX58SO - Strange over-night boot issue


      Hello, @ first: sorry about my bad english.


      Ok here are the parts of my PC:

      MB: DX58SO (the one with SATA ports going to the side& latest bios)

      CPU: Core i7 930 (original fan)

      GPU: Zotac Geforce GTX 470 (1280 mb)

      RAM: Corsair XMS3 3 x 2 GB Ram (1333,CL7 - Core i7 Edition)

      HDD: Samsung Spinpoint (1tb - 7200)

      PSU: Antec Earthwatts (650w - 80 plus cert.)

      Here is what happened:

      I have installed the parts, boot was fine. Installed Windows and drivers. Reboot, set XMP to 1 in Bios. Started fine. Ran some benchmarks. Going to sleep.

      Ok, on the next day (after like 8 or more hours), I started the PC. Lights on MB showed up (green) and Fans were running but it did not boot and no Monitor reaction, a few seconds later it restarted by itself and gave me the BIOS message:

      "The system has detectet unsuccsessful POST attempt(s). Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS Performance options or recent hardware changes." and press Y or N for bios.

      I sayd yes, reset bios, changed xmp to 1 and saved. Boot was fine, Windows was running good. Could reset or shut down and on again without problems.

      Next day (again more then 8 hours), same issue. Started windows, updated bios, set bios to system default. Again running fine.

      Next day (again more then 8 hours), same issue but the MB did not restart by itself anymore, so I turned it of and on and it was running fine. (Next day with XMP same issue).

      Today after like 6 hours of work I came home and the system was booting just fine. Even with this issue it can run Metro 2033 with DX11 and max settings pretty well.


      So this post and the Restart are the only problems but I dont want anything to brake later so I thought I better ask now then too late.


      I hope this is detailed enough and someone can help me.