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    S5520SC - Unknown Device LPC


      After installing XP Pro SP3 and all drivers from Intel downloads (incl leatest firmware S5500.86B.01.00.0050) I have a Unknown Device in Device Manager.

      Description says it's:  ICH10R LPC Interface Controller - 3A16.

      I searched here, found those 2 documents:

      1. http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-4448, checked Plug & Play BMC Detection in Bios and it's Disabled.

      2. http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-4449, problem looks exactly the same, checked for IR Decive in Bios, but I have no such device on S5520SC board.


      Please help me find out what device is. Any help or hint will be appreciated.




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          Did you have the Intel® 5500/5520/3400 Chipset Driver installed?

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            Yes, it was the first I installed after OS.

            Should I try to reinstall it again over the original one? It will mess my registry if I do so? (I intend to used it as an Avid Media Composer workstation, so any unneccesary load to the registry is to be highly avoided.)


            A small clarification for the device:

            - in General tab (first tab) it says Location: "on ICH10R LPC Interface Controller -3A16"

            - in Details tab (third tab) for Device Instance Id the value is: "ACPI\PNP0C31\4&2BC541BA&0"

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              I see... So it's a device attached to the LPC controller, not the LPC controller itself...

              Try the TPM driver.

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                Hello Tedor,


                Thank you for the question. And Edward, thanks for helping out on this question.


                Okay, as far as i remember, this device id is not related to the board chipset driver. Since this board was like a replacement to the S5000XVN workstation board, i remembered that the board had a Trusted Platforma Module TPM.


                Hence the driver for TPM needs to be installed.


                I am pretty sure both boards XVN and S5000SC use the same TPM STMicroelectronics.


                If you are using windows xp 32 bits, enable the TPM in the bios and then install the TPM driver. If you  dont need TPM, you can then disable the TPM in the bios later on after having installed the driver.


                I think for 64 bits, you can install driver straight away, there is no need to enable in the bios first.


                Try it and let us know how it goes.


                Download the driver here or Here


                More information on the TPM can be found here


                All the best,


                Kind Regards,


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                  I downloaded and installed the TPM driver that Edward pointed to. I didn't change anything in Bios.

                  It worked, thank you very much for your help and quick response.

                  Best regards,


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                    Thank you Tudor, i appreciate that you have let us know the result.


                    I am happy that this issue is solved now.


                    All the best,


                    Kind Regards,


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