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    Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection problems...


      Ok, so I have read through what I could of this website and some others with no help. I have an emachines computer with Windows XP I believe service pack 2. It came with the Intel Pro 100 VE Network connection. I am having problems connecting with it. At some points it says it is connected but the internet never comes through other times it is limited to no connectivity. I have tried several thing ipconfig, uninstall and reinstall the driver, troubleshoot on the pc, tried different ethernet cables, and winsock thing. I am living on a college campus and it as internet ports in all the dorms. I'm seriously hoping that is not the problem because we are a small school with an overworked IT department. (It would seem like too much trouble) I hope that no one just shrugs it off as that being the problem.


      Thanks a ton in advance!