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    Bios new bug fixing release for DP55?



      When will there be a new bugfixing release for DP55? The previous one was several months ago and the newest BIOS for my DP55SB is still far from being stable.


      I have the following issues:

      1) Booting hangs for 30-40 seconds at the hardware detection stage, cursor is blinking at the upper left corner. This behavior started when I had the new OCZ solid state disks. OCZ claims that this is a problem with the Intel chipset and BIOS, see OCZ support forum.

      2) Rebooting under Windows works, but rebooting under Linux hangs with a comment "Restarting...", but then nothing happens any more. The same behavior is reproducable with different kernel versions. The behavior was introduced with the latest available BIOS, it was working ok before that.