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    S5500bc -  Kingston Memory Problem


      Dear Experts,

      we have a problem with a S5500bc board and Kingston memory. We Receive 3 long beebs immediately after powering on the system. Acutally we tested two different types of Memory from Kingston.


      KVR 1066D3Q8R7S/4G     4GB PC3 - 8500 Parity REG CL7 240   and

      KVR 1066D3Q8R7S/4Gi  


      On the POST Code Diagnostic LED Decoder area we receive the error  OOOX OXXX. The error message says:  No Usable Memory Error: No Memory in the system, or SPD bad so no memory could be detected.


      The CPU in the system is a Xeon E5640.


      Please help us to solve the problem.