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    Motherboard Connector Issues


      Hello.  I was referred to this site by Intel Tech Support.  I am building my first PC and was lucky to stumble on an older boxed Motherboard.  The Board is a D865GLC/D865PESO.  Here is a support guide:


      I was so focused on installing the Mothrboard correctly which I think I did, but I am unsure where the connectors from the computer should be placed on the Motherboard. There are three (3) connectors in question: A thick gray connector; a thin black/white connector; and a multi-color connector (red/ bule/green/yellow/black/white) connector.  I know they are related to power/led, reset, speakers, etc.


      The computer is an HP Business Desktop D220MT.  The information in the Motherboard Manual didn't help and I couldn't find any relevant illustrations or tutorials on line which is exactly what I need.  Can someone please help me out?.  Thanks!