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    No sound, need help.



      I'm helping a friend, and he just had me build his computer and something went wrong and I am probably just over looking the obvious. However, he has the intel board DX58SO w/ an i7 processor and gtx 460 graphics card. When we first started up and completed the installation of Windows the sound worked perfectly fine and worked until we unplugged it to move the computer to his house and the plugged it into his TV threw the HDMI port on the back of the video card and transferred the sound threw there. Now that we went to plug everything back into to his desk station the speakers that he uses on his desk do not work.


      I opened control panel and went to the sound and hardware and then clicked manage devices and it says that there is no speakers plugged into his computer whatsoever, even though we have some plugged into the green audio jack on the back and we also have tried the front with no luck.


      Now the only thing I can think of was: that it is still trying to send sound threw his hdmi port because it still says Sony TV as one of the sound options under "Manage Audio Devices", which is no good because we are using a monitor that only supports vga, And I do not know how to switch it over to the regular speakers..



      i could try getting a hd sound cable and plug it into the hd sound ports on the back of the motherboard bc his speakers would support hd sound anyways...


      if you have any other ideas please let me know, thanks in advance.                   

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          Definitely this seems to be a software problem,


          ...what you may try would be to go to the control panel, under sound and check for the default playback device. Most likely the operating system is still using the HDMI interface on the video card instead of the sound controller on the motherboard.


          Make sure that the integrated audio controller is shown properly in the Device Manager. Additionally you can test disabling the audio controller on the video card and use only the integrated on the motherboard while testing. (make sure that the integrated audio is enabled at BIOS level too, some video card manufacturers recommend disabling the onboard audio when using video cards with integrated audio controllers)

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            the gtx 460 puts out audio automaticly with out having to hook up an spdif cable to it, so its going to be your default audio output.

            it happend to me went to the same thing almost, almost ended up taking my pc appart and putting it back together just to pin point certain things.

            first check in your bios that the audio is set up and not turned off, update audio drivers. then check the audio control panel and see if the nvidia high defenition audio is set as your default device, if it is then change it to the speakers realtek high definition audio, i got an evga board so not sure if your audio set up is the same but on mine whenever i plug speakers to it i got to change it to speakers, but mine reads it when i hook up a headset or mic on the out in front of the case, havent try on the actual boards output.

            try checking and changing your default audio device to speakers instead of the nvidia high defenition audio.