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    Canonical Reference Architecture


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          Howdy everyone,


          I am the Ubuntu cloud community manager. I would love to help anyone with questions around Ubuntu cloud offerings, using Ubuntu in a cloud context, or building a cloud on top of Ubuntu server (UEC). Feel free to ping me. I hope you'll have an awesome time as usual, working with Ubuntu integrated technologies



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            I am interested on put a project (RDNA spliting) on the cloud, the interest is because it takes long time to complete any of the DNA -> RNA) may be using a cloud with several servers (without me knowing who or how the computation is done)



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              Hi Caitlin,


              The project you are describing sounds to me like a pretty good match for a cloud job. My understanding is that you're running a job that takes a lot of time (days?) to finish. And that you would like to run it on says 10s or 100s of servers in a cloud, to finis the computation much faster. That indeed looks doable. However, I don't agree with your sentence


                (without me knowing who or how the computation is done)


              because it doesn't really work that way. For splitting a long job on a cloud to succeed, you still need to have some understanding of how to split that long job across a large number of machines. A simple example, might be to split the input file in 100 pieces and assign each piece to a server. However things can get much more complicated in other cases. If you know and understand how to split your job across multiple machines to run in parallel .. let me know and I'll be sure to help you



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                Thank you for your efforts on this.  Reading through all options and choices has made my choice very easy.  Nice job, Ubuntu, its a platform a small sys admin can understand and maintain without having to reformat my brain.  It is fairly labor intensive as some mention, however, in the end you will understand it and not have some other sophisticated software on top making the "magic" happen.

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                  Glad you're feeling positively about Ubuntu. Please do let me know if you need further help    

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                    yes I have the code, but is designed for certain architecture, to move to another CPU/system this is a lot of issues. My meaning was something like haddop which I can use to sort and quantify the data, I must know the API to use this tool, but which CPU/System haddop is runnning I do not care (have enought problems of my own.



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                        i actually want to make a cloud of 3 databases...how should i go about it?

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                          Could you please explain in much more detail what you're after. "3 databases" is not enough description    

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                            hello sir,i am currently doing my engineering and want to set a cloud in my hostel.i am interested in this and also a had try creating cloud on linux platform using ubutu but not succedded.sir please please help me i am waiting hearing from your side.

                            my email id is kumarmanishbit@rediffmail.com

                            please sir send me study matterial from where i ca start.




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                              Hi manish!

                              I think Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) is ideal for your needs. You can find Ubuntu's standard installation and configuration instructions at


                              If you need some help afterwards, try the forums


                              or the ubuntu-cloud mailing list



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                                I am Anand and have experience working only on Mainframes, so few of my questions in this forum may be dumb.

                                I recently went thru the reference material on Ubuntu website as stated by Kim and found there were couple of installation process (1. thru CD and 2. text mode). Say I am going to install thru CD. Is it possible to install the CD/USB on a WIndows machine or do I need a raw machine where UEC shoudl be the only OS?



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                                  You mean to install UEC in Virtual mAchine.

                                  I would prefer not to install as VM. \

                                  suggest you to go for Bare metal installation,

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                                    Hi Anand,

                                    The minimum requirements for UEC is two machines. At least one of them (the one to run VMs) should have VT capable CPU. To answer your question, yes you need raw machines.