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    help with new s845wd board


      I spent a couple of hours getting my old board out of the case and putting this one in and getting everything in the right places when I found two problems.


      1. The processor power block uses an 8 pin setup but my power supply cable has 6 pin and a 4 pin leads. I read somewhere the 4 pin one will work fine, I just want to be sure.


      2. The front panel pins (^ to 33) have no labels as to where the leads are supposed to connect. I did find one label to another set of pins for the HDD light and there is another shorter row of pins off to one side that seems to be labeled "FNT USB". I think the leads labeled "Data+" "Data-" "VCC" and "GND" go here but which goes first?


      There does not seem to be a manual available for this board, any help would be much appreciated.