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    HDD not found/lost with S5000PSLSASR



      I'm having trouble with the S5000PSLSASR mainboard and the SATA controller. In general the system works, but sometimes, when you restart the system the hard drive (Seagate Momentus) is not found (it is the boot device). When I go into the BIOS the drive is also not listed.

      When I plug the drive into another system or a USB docking station the drive is perfectly accessible. Once I connected the drive to another system it is accessible again with the PSL5000. This phenomenon also occurs also with other brand drives. I had this problem with multiple boards of this type.

      Is there a known firmware bug, or do you have any ideas how to solve this problem.

      Can I solve this problem by updating the firmware? If so, can anybody post a link to a FW version that hasn't these problems.


      Thanx in advance.