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    INTEL AMT Commander



      Hello Sirs,



      I'm a student of Computer Engineering and here in my college we are researching this technology of intel. (VPRO).




      using the INTEL AMT Commander to take control of another computers and

      i'm trying to use everything the technology let me do.



      I'm able to reboot a machine, enter in it bios, power up, power down, exec programs, etc.







      i really want is a list of the commands of the AMT Commander, i know

      that taping 'help' it shows a list of commands, but i'm unable to use

      some of them, what i need is a more detailed list. If someone could

      helpme i would be greatful.






      I have some questions too,

      can i remotely restart a machine and if i have a boot disc in the pc's

      drive (the one i'm using to control the others), i'll be able to boot

      from that disc?



      I'm able to execute a program from my computer and install it in the computer i'm controlling?







      the command "exec program" i'm able to for example, execute a installer

      of a program, that's no doubt, but how can i pass the steps of

      stallation? (like "next>next>next").






      I hope you can help me, and sorry if my questions are dumb or if my english is poor!



      Best regards.



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