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    Barebones Kit


      Hello, I will try to make this short as possible.

         I purchased a barebones kit that included..

      Intell H55TC Motherbard

      Intel Core i3 540 Processor

      OCZ Pc3-10666 Platinum Ram (4 GB)

      Seagate Barracuda Sata Hard Drive (750 GB)

      Ultra LS-500 500 watt power supply

      Plextor PX-880SA DVD/CD Burner.

         When I first powered up the kit, smoked the motherboard. Returned the power supply, motherboard and ram. Installed the new componets, nothing. Tried the power supply in my old computer and it worked fine. Returned the motherboard and installed the new one.

         Now here is my problem...

      When I try to install XP Pro The screen reads "Set up is checking hardware config" and reboots nonstop.

      I tried a usb reader and still get the same results. Also tried resetting the ram (different seats).

      Could this be caused by the Hard Drive being damaged when i first powered up the kit?? or the processor? Received a bad motherboard?

      This is the first time I have had this problem when building from a kit.


      Thanks for any ideas or thoughts concerning this problem,