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    X25-V 80GB Models



      my favorite online shop has X25-V 80 and 160 GB models avvailable.

      These are not mentioned on the Intel website. What's up with these models and do they use 25nm chips (G3) or 34nm (G2)?


      What will be the difference between an X25-M 80GB drive and the X25-V 80GB drive?



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          got a link? what are the prices?


          I don't think there's a 160GB Value series planned. If they have both 80GB/160GB, it probably means they meant M series.


          I'm guessing (apart from smaller NAND) that Intel will just reduce the number of channels for the V-series 80GB.

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            I could only find one retailer with a X25-V 80GB but I think they just mixed up the V for an M. The price is more that an 80GB M drive so it does not see right.




            @ wacko76


            The V stands for Value, which translates to half the channels. This reduces read and write speeds. (It effects writes a lot more than reads).

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              This is my online shop with their SSds (sorry, very long link):



              As you can see, they have 80 and 160 GB versions of the M and V models. And the V models can be delivered within 48 hrs so they should have them physically there.


              Maybe I'll contact the company itself and ask what this is all about.


              EDIT: Also, I read somehwere that Intel had announced a X25-V 80GB, but that it was supposed to use the G3 25nm NAND chips. The model no. of my retailer (SSDSA2MH080G2K5) though indicates that it is still a G2 model with 34nm chips.


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                Intriguing. Maybe everyone just assumed the V-80 would be a G3 using 25nm. Looking at the product code the K5 is a reference to a firmware version that does not exist in the current line-up. Looking at the read/ write specs there are the same as an M drive, so if it is the new V drive performance is significantly faster than the current V drives.

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                  So, my retailer answered, telling me that these are indeed V-Series 80 and 160 GB drives, only available since today and they are currently the only retailer in Germany selling them.

                  I still wonder how they can sell something that Intel itself doesn't admit producing, but hey, maybe they have a timemachine.

                  And yeah, the specs are the same as for the M-series, so I really wonder where the difference lies.


                  Hello, knock, knock, anyone from Intel Corp. reading these forums?

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                    It's likely that the Intel people reading these forums are busy at the Intel Developers' Forum.


                    I suspect that the retailer has misunderstood.  They list "Intel X-25-V Postville 160GB".  Several issues there that make the listing seem off.


                    1.  Intel does not include internal codenames (like Postville) in product listings.  So clearly the retailer added that string.

                    2.  According to leaked SSD roadmap documents floating around on the internet, the upcoming drives with the 25nm Nand are called "Postville-Refresh".  So I would expect to see that codename in the listing if it was the next-gen drives.

                    3.  The listing shows the drive with the same specs and also the same price as other "mainstream" 80GB and 160GB SSDs.  There's nothing "value" about it.


                    If I was guessing, I wonder if the retailer received the 1.8 inch form factor drives (technically, the X-18M G2) and simply mislabeled them in the web listing.  These drives have the same performance specs as the more popular 2.5 inch variety, but have been generally more difficult to find.

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                      This article claims the G3 is delayed until Feb 2011 and that in the interim a new G2 model will come out.



                      No mention of the G3 at IDF.


                      Newegg is showing out of stock or sold out for the popular models.


                      There are speculations that the G3 will be about price not performance and others that it will be about performance.


                      Oh the suspense.

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                        Hey wacko,

                        Your retailer is mistaken. No 80GB or 160GB Value drives currently are for sale. Thanks!

                        Scott, Intel Corporation