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    (Help) D845HV not booting, no green power light


      Hey, my desktop's motherboard(PC1) has broken down. I had to use one of the RAM modules in another Desktop PC(2) therefore I had to take it out of PC(1). So when I came to put it back into the PC(1), the computer didn't boot up. I have tried the solutions on the Intel website a few times and they still don't work.


      When I boot the PC up, all I get is the fans running normally, a green light to indicate the motherboard has power, and a permanent orange hard-drive LED on the front of the PC. There is supposed to be a green light on the front of the pc, however it doesn't load up. If I quickly turn off the PC and turn it back on, I get three long beeps and the green light appears.


      My motherboard is a intel D845HV. My graphics card is slightly next to the RAM slots therefore I may have knocked it during taking/inserting the RAM.


      Could anybody tell me how to possibilityfix this please.

      Thanks in Advance