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    Temp rises steadily in seconds when in BIOS




      I bought a custom built system with i7 860 processor and intel DH55HC motherboard. The problem is that the temps are way too high.

      Now I am not sure which data to rely on; when I try to view the temp in BIOS the cpu temp keeps rising steadily on its own, it begins with approx 55 celcius(but never below it, even if the system is kept shutdown for hours) and within seconds(I'd say 30-50) the temp rises to 73-77 and the PCH temp is always 59-61(never below than that)..

      The twist is that if I boot my system and don't go in bios but boot directly in win7 and use intel system monitor to view temps the cpu temp is around 42c and then it rises with load and generally is at 45-49c(but it goes upto 72 as well if kept running for hours), however the PCH temp is in the same range i.e 59-61.


      I have tried updating the BIOS as well but to no avail...


      A. Is my motherboard faulty?

      B. What are the possible solutions?


      I don't overclock my system for anything and my PSU is coolermaster 600 watts with stock fan with a normal cabinet.

      Room temp is 30c.