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    intel DX58SO 4TB bios raid 5: no hard drive


      Hi setting up a intel dx58so 4TB bios raid 5 (4 x 1 TB wd1002faex) having all kinds of issues with this one.



      After create raid 5 volume using all 4 drives, boot menu in Bios reports "no hard drive". Raid configuration screen reports Boot=No. Fedora install borks volume.



      Read that for 2TB drives need UEFI enabled, OK enabled it BUT keyboard no longer works! I have to use the jumpers to reset this!! I find some post saying this is a bug in the firm ware.



      Thecurrent  BIOS version is 4598 2009-12-11, I attempt to flash to get past (2), BUT

      (3a)cd method fails during boot with message that it cannot access the cd drive (after successful boot linux) apparently the specific dvd is not supported by the driver employed in intel's flash utility. 

      (3b) F7 method fails, hangs in first option screen

      (3c) Need to try bootable USB (first I ask question below)


      Will flash the BIOS with latest rev 5456 2010-08-30 fix the issue? Can this thing handle 4TB raid 5 volume? OR do I RMA it.